Tea from yesterday? Sociocultural centres against right-wing populism


The sociocultural centres in Baden-Württemberg stand against right-wing populism and right-wing violence and call for participation at the next parliamentary elections on September 24:


Vote! Block right-wing parties in the Bundestag! (German Parliament)


On the last member assembly, which took place on February 20 in Karlsruhe, the 69 sociocultural centres and initiatives in Baden-Württemberg have decided to speak out against right-wing populism and call for participation at the parliamentary election of 2017. Therefore, many events are being organised, from concerts to debates and we encourage our visitors to take part in the vote and to pronounce themselves against right-wing populism.


> Statement "Sociocultural centres against right-wing populism" (in German)


If you wish to know more about the events organised by the sociocultural centres for this campaign, please have a look at the German version of our website.